Bank of Thailand’s Northeastern Region Office / Plan architect

Text description provided by the architects. Bank of Thailand’s Northeastern Region Office is a 4-storey office building located in the center of Khon Kaen. As a regional office of Northeastern part of Thailand, the building represents the local characteristic through design. The beautiful local landscape, ‘Field, Water, and Hill,’ of the Northeastern region inspired the design layout of this building. Unique elements from this region are used as an aspect of the design for this project. In order to create a superior entrance, the main entrance hall and drop-off were raised up a level, leaving the ground floor parking and other services.

2nd Floor plan

Natural light plays an important role for creating a productive working space in this building. Due to its hot climate of this region, facade was introduced in order to decrease the heat from sunlight yet still bring in a decent amount of natural light to the office.

The magnificence of light and shadow play an important role in creating a multi-layer facade for this building. The sun-screens pattern design is also inspired by a Khon Kaen province’s well-known fabric pattern “Naka” which symbolizes the abundance and well-being. The exposed structural design of the building represents the traditional rice barn which is Thailand’s valuable treasure.

© Ketsiree Wongwan